Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Week 4 Post B

This section was really good. Tony talks a lot about trying to be a good coach and at the same time, a good husband. He also talks about success and how he and others define it:
“God’s Word, however, presents a different definition of success-one centered on a relationship with Jesus Christ and a love for God that allows us to love and serve others. God gives each one of us unique gifts, abilities, and passions. How well we use those qualities to have an impact on the world around us determines how “successful” we really are” (143).
This is both the same and different how I measure success. I also measure it in if I give something my best effort and know that I truly tried my hardest, and then I am successful in everything that I can apply those rules. I also measure success by my abilities and weather or not I use them, either to benefit myself or others. In this section there are many pictures of Tony from the past leading to the present. But all help paint a picture that he is trying to tell. From playing high school basketball to college football, and finally the big show: the NFL and is coaching career. I last quote to leave you with would be when he is talking to his assistant: “No, Warren, I whispered. Remember what we talked about. We’re the tornado. Unknown. Until it’s too late” (163).

Week 4 Post A

  • "Not only was 1997 special for our team, it was a good year for my family as well. Lauren and I were really having fun discovering the Tampa Bay area"(131). This was significant because it really shows that not only was he trying to be a good coach but how he was trying to keep close to his family.
  • An emerging theme in this section would be balancing family with work (coaching).

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 3 Post A

Tacticians:(96)- tactical, representative, PR manager, mediator, someone who mediates and is tactical.

Frugal:(102)-fiscal, worried, careful, "penny pincher"

An emerging theme in the book would now be don't jump to conclusions. Because one of his coaches was shy and stand offish and he stuck wit him and turned out to be a great coach.