Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Week 2 Post B

A significant quote that I pulled out of this section would be: “Of course, being back in Minnesota was like being home for me, even though the weather was painfully cold” (79). This is significant because I feel the same way, except Minnesota actually is home. But no matter when I go or travel to, I always love being in Minnesota just like Tony Dungy. If I was writing a letter to the author (Tony Dungy) here is what it might look like:
Dear Mr. Dungy,
I’m writing you as a reader of your book. I think it is wonderful so far, but I’m wondering how you felt after you were fired? You didn’t go into much depth in your book. Right now I just finished reading about your experiences with Herm Edwards. Also I know how you feel when you returned to Minnesota from Kansas City, I love it here as well, and yes the cold in painful, but its part of what make Minnesota unique. Also I’d like to know why your wife liked Kansas City so much, what it was for her that made it so special.
That would be my letter to Mr. Dungy. Over all this section to me was good, he packed it with details and I felt that I made a personal connection with it. To me this is the first good book that I have read in a long time, and I so far I would recommend it to everyone.

Week 2 Post A

Spontaneous:(63)v. Acting in spontaneity, outgoing, outrageous, action that wouldn't be the norm of that person.
Ramifications:(81)n. Repercussions, consequences

An emerging theme in this book would be that friends last forever. This is significant because Tony starts out meeting all new friends as a player who later on become people that help him get coaching opportunities.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Post B week 1

A quote that I pulled form this section would be:
“Everyone in the Tampa viewing area would have multiple opportunities to see Tony Dungy, former head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, placing boxes into his SUV in the pouring rain”(6). This gave me a sense that he was in a way wounded or powerless now, the rain also contributed to that feeling, and he describes the people as if they want to see him this way. As the section goes on, He tells what it was like growing up a Dungy. A quote I pulled from this section was:
“Growing up in Jackson, to my way of thinking, was the way growing up was meant to be” (7). This gave me a sense of how Tony felt about his childhood. It goes on and talks about how much he loved where he grew up, and that he loved even more that he got to coach near by, in Tampa Bay. Something I really like about this book is that at the beginning of each chapter he puts a quote from someone on the first page. I think this is interesting because I wonder what prompted him to do that, and I concluded that maybe because some of these quotes changed his life.

Post A week 1

Prognosticators pg.3: People who antagonize, who provoke
Bewilderment pg.6: bewildered, astonished, dumbfounded

A rising theme in this book would be that hard work pays off. This is shown when Tony describes how he became a coach, and how when he was fired he recovered.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Book

  • Quiet Strength, by Tony Dungy
  • 2007
  • Nonfiction
  • 300
  • This book is sufficient because the reviews are mostly adults, it's a recent book, it's over 200 pages which i usually don't read, and it seems like an interesting book
  • I chose this book because it's about one of the great coaches of our time, Tony Dungy, and it's about sports.