Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Week 2 Post B

A significant quote that I pulled out of this section would be: “Of course, being back in Minnesota was like being home for me, even though the weather was painfully cold” (79). This is significant because I feel the same way, except Minnesota actually is home. But no matter when I go or travel to, I always love being in Minnesota just like Tony Dungy. If I was writing a letter to the author (Tony Dungy) here is what it might look like:
Dear Mr. Dungy,
I’m writing you as a reader of your book. I think it is wonderful so far, but I’m wondering how you felt after you were fired? You didn’t go into much depth in your book. Right now I just finished reading about your experiences with Herm Edwards. Also I know how you feel when you returned to Minnesota from Kansas City, I love it here as well, and yes the cold in painful, but its part of what make Minnesota unique. Also I’d like to know why your wife liked Kansas City so much, what it was for her that made it so special.
That would be my letter to Mr. Dungy. Over all this section to me was good, he packed it with details and I felt that I made a personal connection with it. To me this is the first good book that I have read in a long time, and I so far I would recommend it to everyone.

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