Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Week 6 Post B

-This section was more or less about hiring and firing. Tony describes the hiring of offensive coordinator Les Steckel and the firing of Mike Shula. A major subject of this is the playoffs. A significant quote form this section would be…

“So the Bucs’ success was great-kind of. One year after I had been fired by Tampa Bay, my family and I were in Tampa for the Bucs’ magical three-week run through the playoffs. Super Bowl frenzy was everywhere-in the paper, on the radio, on television, in everyone’s conversation. The comment we kept hearing was, “Thank goodness Jon Gruden came along to finish the job for Tony Dungy.” That was painful to hear.”

When I read this I was thinking to myself, how would I feel if I over heard that about me? And I truly and thoughtfully put myself in his situation. And I concluded that I would have felt deeply hurt. This is the team and state that I poured my time and energy into for a long time, and when I’m gone, one man comes along with my team and makes it look easy, and I hear a comment like that. A thought to leave you with would be: put yourself in his shoes, how would you feel or react to a comment like that?

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