Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blazing Saddles

I just watched Blazing Saddles for my essay, and forgot how good it was, it really captures all a parody can be. It makes fun of the classic Western, as much as a movie could. I really like Jim, because he is very relaxed, and doesn't have many worries. But when Bart needs him, he is there. Also it made the essay easier because of how it portrayed characters like Bart and Jim. Mel Brooks did a terrific job on this one, and makes me think about another favorite of mine that he made, Spaceballs. Spaceballs is the parody to the Star Wars era. Both are great movie and must sees.


Erich R said...

I'm hoping that this is Jake Heck's blog that I'm commenting on... Otherwise this might be kinda awkward... Anyways I'm going to go watch "Blazing Saddles" and "Spaceballs" now just because they are must-sees in your opinion. And I like all the movies you like. Your great.

Jacob E and Blogger dont mix said...

Good description of Blazing Saddles. It made me want to see it because i have never seen it and i have never watched you eat noodles while i watched it either. I think that i would like Jim too. THanks to your description.

patrick said...

i also watched this movie for that assignment and would agree with everything you wrote about. the movie is a great parody on the western genre and is a classic.