Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blog 1: Western Genre and me

This week we learned about the "American Western" after finishing Citizen Kane the american classic by Orson Welles. After learing a little more about the Western genre, i've become more interested in it. Some of my personal favorites are "The magnificent seven", "Outlaw Jose Whales" and "The assasination of Jesse James". They've interested me because i think that they represent america, thats sort of the type of movie we are known for. Americas move west has been put on the silver screen for years. Waht fascinates me about them is not only the action but that now there is characterization, and a good story line. "The Assassination of Jesse James" appeals to me because it true but it was interesting. It was just a tell about his life. It had action and dialogue and everytihng i feel there need to be to have a good movie. "the magnificent seven" i think is good just becasue of the mix of action and storyline. Seven men save a village, what could be better? and then finally "the outlaw jose whales" is good mainly becasue when i tihnk western i think Clint Eastwood, but the story is good, and again theres action but it isn't the main focus. And that i why i like the Western Genre.

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husky traps by jacob e said...

Your blog made me want to go and see The Assassination of Jesse James. Thank you? And i like how you explain why the Western represents America. Im impressed your a solid and informative writer.