Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fever Pitch Section 1: pages 1-40

Summary of section 1:

This whole section was basically gettign background knowledge, and setting up the story. Some significant events in this section would be going to his first game and watching it live, after jsut becoming interested in football. He goes and watches Arsenal play. He goes into more depth about how the people there were so unique. That the things they shouted truely made the impression on him that they hated the game. From then on the book is divided into chapters, all starting with a football game first being, Swindon town v. Arsenal then England v. Scotland, and Arsenal v. Everton and ending with Brazil v. Czechoslovakia. All in which he either watched or was at. He goes into more detail about each game and what he was doing or was going on in his life during that time.

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