Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fever Pitch Spark notes... (p.1-120)

So far Hornby has separated the chapter with titles of games. Some he watches and some hes at, eahc thought some how realated to his life with his father.

Section 1: (p. 1-40)
-Staged in England Hornby as a boy

-He tells of his parents being divorced and haveing a weak reltationship with his father

-he talks about he first live futball game. this is especially significant because it helped him reconnect with his dad, it has given themsleves somting in common.

- Another significance would be that when he was at the game he discovered that he tohught the people there were truely hateful of some players or he thought that meybe they were looking for some1 to blame of get angry at.

-Throughout the rest of this section he basically tells about the games, such as Swindon Town v. Arsenal, Brazil v. Czechoslovakia...

Section 2: (p.41-81)
-Hornby continues about the games he watches, including the ones that he is at with his dad.

-Nick talks more about his infatuation with Arsenal. *The main focus of this section

-A huge part of this section would be the game of Arsenal v. Ipswich, because now he was older,more grown, and now he would be in a different seating section, where "only the most vocal" and loyal supporters could sit. He sonciders this significant because its been so long since he started his futbol obssesion.

Section 3: (p.82-122)
-This section was slow moving and not very interesting.

- Somnthing significant would be that during this section he has applied toCambridge University.

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