Sunday, October 21, 2007

Outside Reading Reaction

My Reaction: I have many feelings about Fever Pitch some of them are good, but some are also not good. I personally don’t have a personal connection to this book. Although I do play soccer I really didn’t connect to it. This book made me feel like it was a soccer report, that all he was going to do was report about the games he saw. Then as he got deeper into the book, he told about how it really helped him connect with his father. And then again he started to just talk about the games. One connection I did make with this book was that Nick and his dad with soccer are like me and my dad with hockey. I feel that this book was not a book for me. Although I also feel it was well written, it just didn’t fit my kind of reading style. This book also made me feel that Nick didn’t really ever connect with his dad, sure they had the soccer games to watch together but that was really it. In the book he talks about how when he was with his dad and sister they didn’t really talk or go anywhere, until the football game. And right now that’s how this book has made me feel.

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