Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 4: part 1

-"But I do have other, more reliable, and probably more meaningful memories. I remember the overwhelming maleness of it alll- cigar and pipe smoke, foul language (words i had heard before, but not from adults, not at that volume), and only years later did it occur to me that this was bound to have an effect on a boy who lived with his mother and sister..."(141).

*This is significant to me becasue it shows an example of how Hornby uses memories and reminisence to add to the feeling and describe the event. This is important to the book because he is using it to describe his feelings during the game.

-"I got lost around this time, and stayed lost for the next few years. between one home game (against Coventry) and the next (a midweek game against Manchester City), I split up with my girlfriend..."(130).

*This was important to me because its the only situation in this section where her mentions an event other that a soccer game. It is important to the book because with all this football watching he has had a lot going on and this was saught to be significant.

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